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Each individual's daily lifestyle is the most powerful tool for positive change that any of us possess. The things we use and surround ourselves with shape ourselves and our world. We are quite literally what we eat, drive, bathe with, etc.

Our goal is to make a wholesome living from our land and our talents by offering goods for daily living that are people-, Earth-, and pocketbook- friendly. We strive in all that we do to strengthen and restore the land, and the human community, spirit, and economy.

We hope you will join in our effort by supporting diversity in the form of small, family business and wholesome, natural products.

--Jenny Mahan

Scented Bar Soap

$3.00 each

All our soaps are made with a mild base of: pure water; saponified olive, coconut, palm, and castor oils; and scented with pure essential oils. Our soaps have full, luxurious lathers, and are formulated to be mild and Earth-friendly.

1. Ancient Spice: best seller--a rich, sweet, earthy scent with essential oils of clove, patchouli, and peru balsam; also sandalwood and myrrh powders. Nice scent for men and women both.

2. Deep Woods: best seller--another customer favorite and very attractive bar. Reminiscent of long walks through a Northwoods forest. Scented with essential oils of spruce, fir needle, and cedarwood, and speckled with dark brown cinnamon soap curls.

3. Orange Spice: Fragrant and fun with sweet orange and cinnamon, and essential oils. Bars are orange with dark brown cinnamon soap chunks throughout.

4. Lavender: a classy traditional scent. A white bar scented with lavender essential oil. Lavender has been used for generations in the wash, in aromatherapy, perfumes, cosmetics, and more.

5. Lemongrass: a wonderful spicy lemony scent. Lemongrass is widely used as a cooking spice, in perfumes, and has also been used effectively against fungal and bacterial infections. A very satisfying, simple soap -- just soap and lemongrass essential oil.

6. Tea Tree & Peppermint: tea tree and peppermint essential oils, with green clay powder make an attractive (light green with darker green layer) and refreshing soap.

7. Cold Comfort: the healing smell of eucalyptus, in the cool colors of blue with white swirls and chunks. Colored with ultramarine blue.

8. Green Tea: very mild and herbaceous, with clary sage essential oil, green clay powder, and green tea leaves. Healing and healthy!


Scent Free Bar Soap
$3.00 each

We created these bars specially for those with sensitive skin, allergies,
or for those who simply prefer simple, fragrance-free products.
These soaps have the same mild, luxurious base as our scented soaps.


9. Honey Oatmeal: an old fashioned, gentle bar with real honey and ground oats. Oatmeal soaps were traditionally used on children with chicken pox. Warm, homey scent naturally. CURRENTLY OUT OF STOCK

10. Coffee Scrub: a speckled, brown bar with finely ground coffee (organic and fair-traded) to deodorize and exfoliate. Has a very subtle aroma naturally. Great for onion-scented hands, grimy hands and feet, or for those coffee lovers out there.

Premium Jojoba Whole Body Shampoos
$8.00 each


Use it on your whole body! Our old fashioned liquid soaps are full of rich vegetable oils and uplifting natural fragrances that are gentle to your skin. Our coconut and castor oil base creates a profuse, rich lather and can be used as a hand, body, face, or hair wash. You may want to try using a vinegar rinse on your hair to leave it silky soft. (Simply add 2-3 tablespoons vinegar to a glass of water and pour it over your hair after shampooing; rinse well.) Most of our shampoos are a lovely, clear amber color. All are scented with pure essential oils unless otherwise noted. 8 fluid oz.

11. Lemon Juniper (NEW!)
12. Rosemary Lemongrass
13.Tea Tree and Peppermint
14. Luscious Lavender

15. Ancient Spice: patchouli and clove
16. Orange Spice: orange, cinnamon, clove
17. Deep Woods: fir, cedar, spruce
18. Dusk (NEW!): patchouli and lemongrass


Luscious Lip Balms
$2.00 each


Our lip balms are made with vegetable oils and candelilla wax. We use only pure essential oils to scent these silky balms. In convenient twist up tubes.

19. Scent Free
20. Sweet Orange
21. Luscious Lemon
22. Magic Mint

Homegrown Music for the Northland -- CDs by Jenny Mahan

$15.50 each

23. Homespun

A delightful celebration of simple living, this homegrown music will refresh the senses and nourish the soul as it winds its way through the seasons of the simple life. A blend of unique tunes, lyrics, and instruments (saw, fiddle, jaw harp, concertina, dulcimer, guitar, flute, banjo uke).

24. Growing Up Wild

Ease into the peaceful, invigorating spirit of the Great Lakes and North-woods with 12 unique songs by Jenny. Her vocals and guitar are accompanied by touches of natural sounds, and instruments such as jaw harp, flute, skin drum, and ocarina.


We encourage you to visit our parent website, Sweetwater Visions (focusing on the Great Lakes ecosystem).