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By John and Ann Mahan

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TO ORDER Wallpaper:

FAX this Order Form (Please call first -- same number -- to be sure we are able to receive your FAX) to 715-372-5154,

Or send by snail mail to:
Sweetwater Visions, 62510 Delta Lake Rd., Iron River, WI 54847
(Orders may be delayed due to travels.)

Or E-MAIL your order. (Copy and paste this order information
into an e-mail message to us.)

Or CALL 715-372-5154.

I agree to your terms. Please e-mail this image: _____________ (Photo ID number of your chosen image--see Photo Galleries).

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(If no screen resolution is specified, we will send our standard 1024x768 size.)

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In return for payment of $13.95, John and Ann Mahan grant the right to use one image as wallpaper on your computer desktop. These images are copyrighted--no other rights are granted. The purchaser agrees not to use the image for any other purpose than computer desktop image, not to modify the image, not to distribute the image to anyone else for any purpose, not to copy the image (other than a single copy for your own backup purposes), and not to create derivative works based on the Wallpaper image.

Note: Any electronic transmission carries some risk. However, we make every effort to protect our system from viruses, including up-to-date virus protection software.