New! -- Custom Digital Matting
with Fine Prints

Photos by John and Ann Mahan

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NEW! -- Custom Digital Matting

We now offer fine prints with custom digital mats -- digitally created double mats printed directly on the paper along with the original image. These highly detailed, textured mats are amazingly realistic and make possible a far superior color-coordination with the image. Once mounted and framed, they are virtually indistinguishable from the real thing -- except they look better (say goodbye to warped, bowed, and separated mats). We now use custom digital mats anytime we exhibit our prints. By printing the mat on the paper with the image: the financial cost of matting a print is drastically reduced; the ecological costs of making and shipping conventional mat board is eliminated; all archival and handling risks of conventional matting are completely eliminated.

Each mat is titled and signed.

With each custom digitally matted print, we will provide at no extra charge:
4 EconoSpace strips (with instructions) to hold the print away from the glass when framing the photo.


Digitally Matted Fine Prints
Signed, Open Edition, Unmounted
Outer Dimensions
of Mat
Digitally Matted
Image Price
11x14 $69.00
18x24 $184.00
24x32 $299.00

Corner samples to show more detail:
Color Choices

We offer 3 choices in color for our custom digital mats:

Darker Near-Neutral
Lighter Near-Neutral
"Mahans' Discretion"

If you choose a darker or lighter near-neutral mat, we may adjust the tone slightly to better match colors in the image, but always tending toward neutral tones. If you wish to leave it up to our discretion, we will choose mat colors that, in our opinion, best feature the image.



Sample "Lighter Near-Neutral" Mats







For more examples of digitally matted photos, see our Great Lakes Collection of photos (with captions) that were part of an exhibit at Western Michigan University's Waldo Library, Kalamazoo, Michigan in 2006-2007.
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