Life at 2100 Five Lakes Road


Our beautiful home was for sale but burned to the ground. These photos will remain online temporarily for insurance purposes.


This 10-acre mini-nature preserve has provided photographic and quiet sports opportunities, a wonderful place for our children to grow up and for our parents to remain close to nature to age 90.

Built as a "dream home" for a 3-generation family (us, our children, and Ann's parents), the house is elegantly rustic and spacious yet cozy and highly energy-efficient, with a quiet and remote feel and yet only 5 minutes from town.

Life here is immersed in the natural world: the beauty of changing seasons, northern lights, wildlife -- including eagle, blue heron, green heron, pileated woodpecker, loons (on adjacent Lake Four), wood ducks, barred owl, deer, fox, raccoon, mink, beaver, muskrat, and many more. Please scroll down for photos of life here.

For photos of the house, click here.


Photo: Barred owl in hemlock tree right by our lake-side porch.

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Autumn reflections, peninsula and cove. The house is not seen from this view -- it is in the cove to the right.

Spring wildflowers -- trilliums are abundant. This photo also shows "spring beauty" wildflowers at the base of the tree.

Winter view of northern lights from the causeway between Lakes Four and Five. Nearly all the shoreline seen in this photo belongs to the 10-acre parcel for sale.

Northern lights above our trees in springtime. Even though we are only 5 minutes from town, our view to the north has no light pollution, allowing the aurora borealis to be seen at its best.

Winter -- deer just outside our lower level sliding glass doors

Winter -- chickadee

Winter -- red fox resting

Snowshoeing along lakeshore, near towering white pines.

Snowy view from deck

Snowshoeing among hemlocks on the peninsula

Spring forest floor, with trout lilies

Spring wildflowers -- fringed polygala and starflower

Autumn view at dock

Springtime view of shore at dock -- leaves not yet emerged

Autumn reflections -- peninsula

Autumn reflections at dock area

Frog on lily pad in cove

Summer's water lilies in the cove

Young raccoon near its den (hole in tree)

This young raccoon had grown enough that it was having trouble getting back into the hole!

Autumn -- pileated woodpecker

Wild tom turkeys fighting over hens

Snow falling on lake and peninsula

Snow falling on lake and peninsula

Snowy view from porch just outside master bedroom

Autumn reflections of peninsula, from dock area

Snow-laden scene from porch

View of our shoreline from Five Lake Natural Area -- all the property shown here is included in the 10-acre parcel for sale. The house is not seen from this view -- it is in the cove to the right.

Canoeing in autumn reflections on Lake Five, along our peninsula and heading toward the cove.

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