MTU Isle Royale and Lake Superior
Road Scholar Program

June 11-17, 2017

John & Ann Mahan, Instructors


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Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- Snow Depth Display

Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- Holy Transfiguration Skete,
Society of St. John Monastery (Western Ukraine Byzantine design)

Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- shopping at the Jampot


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- Jacob's Falls


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- Eagle Harbor Lighthouse


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- picnic lunch at Eagle Harbor Lighthouse,

Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- atop Brockway Mountain


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- Fort Wilkins, Copper Harbor


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour -- just beyond Copper Harbor is the very beginning of Route 41.

The sign reads: “The Beginning of US 41
Early Indian footpaths became the trails for explorers, missionaries and fur traders, who came to carve out homes in Michigan’s wilderness. The early settlers began to widen and improve these trails, which became the majority of Michigan’s primary road system. US 41 starts its southbound journey here, crossing eight states which include MI., WI., ILL., IND., KY., TN., GA. and ending in Miami, FL, a distance of 1990 miles.”


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour --
Wading in cold Lake Superior at Fort Wilkins State Park


Keweenaw Peninsula Coach Tour --
Dinner at Harbor Haus Restaurant in Copper Harbor, MI.
Wait staff dancing for Isle Royale Queen ferry as it returns from Isle Royale.


On board Ranger III -- approaching aerial lift bridge as we leave Houghton


On board Ranger III -- passing Keweenaw Upper Entry Lighthouse
as we enter open Lake Superior


On board Ranger III -- passing Rock Harbor Lighthouse as we arrive at Isle Royale


Dinner at Rock Harbor Lodge -- Happy Anniversary!


Morning walk -- thunderstorm approaching Snug Harbor


Photographing calypso orchids on hike to Suzy's Cave


Morel mushroom! -- hike to Suzy's Cave


Arrival at Suzy's Cave


Suzy's Cave Hike


Morning Walk -- foggy Tobin Harbor


Young snowshoe hare by lodge restaurant
(as we gathered to start hiking)


Hike to Scoville Point


Hiking to Scoville Point

Relaxing at the tip of Scoville Point

Relaxing at the tip of Scoville Point


Relaxing at Tobin Harbor shore -- Scoville Point Hike


Hiking to Wolf-Moose research station


Candy Peterson greeting visitors at Wolf-Moose research station


Rolf Peterson discussing bones on display at Wolf-Moose research station


Rolf Peterson discussing antlered skulls on display at Wolf-Moose research station


Candy Peterson talking with visitors inside Wolf-Moose research station


Rock Harbor Lighthouse

Overlook of Middle Islands Passage at Rock Harbor Lighthouse


Morning Walk -- Tobin Harbor


Lake Superior outer shore -- Raspberry Island


Boardwalk through Raspberry Island bog

Hiking on Raspberry Island


Canoeing in Tobin Harbor


Group Photo on America Dock


Morning Walk -- Tobin Harbor


Rock Harbor Lighthouse and Middle Islands Passage as Ranger III leaves Isle Royale


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